Crystal Bones Promo

My writing Professor, Deborah Chester’s YA novel “Crystal Bones” is currently being featured and promoted by Amazon! I picked it up and highly recommend her writing in general. She has a great style and I have read several of her novels. She knows the fantasy and science fiction genres inside and out, and can craft a story and create powerful and interesting characters for any number of different storylines. Some of her older series have been beloved and read since the eighties and nineties, and “Crystal Bones” is far more recent, published in 2012. You should check this book out before the promotion ends!

Chronicles of the Scribe

I just found out that my YA book, CRYSTAL BONES, is currently featured in a special promo from Amazon. This novel opens a fantasy trilogy about a pair of half-fae twins, and was published under the pseudonym C. Aubrey Hall.

If you need a gift for a youngster that likes traditional fantasy, then this adventure might be just the ticket.

Here’s the link:

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